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When acquiring a property from a bank, it is a good idea to take several tips into account in order to buy a home that will allow us to carry out this important acquisition with maximum guarantees.

The real estate market currently offers us many opportunities to find what we're looking for, as long as we do so by really thinking about what we want and what investment we can make in the purchase of the asset. Real estate campaigns, newspaper ads and offers from construction companies will provide you with information that you must continuously compare and contrast.

Your future home is going to be a place where you and your family are going to spend an significant part of your life, so it has to meet all your expectations. In addition, it requires putting out a significant amount of money and a considerable amount of effort, so we recommend following a series of guidelines to help you find and select the best home to buy.

Therefore, these seven tips will provide you with some essential information so that you get what you really want when buying a home.

Frequently asked questions when buying a bank-owned home:

How do I search for bank-owned properties?

To find out what the different banks have to offer and at what price, we can use the property search tool available on Haya's website, where we can find the properties (homes, flats, villas…) owned by different banks that are for sale or for rent. For example, the user will be able to find properties owned by Caixabank, Cajamar, Unicaja Banco and BBVA. Easily browse and find the available bank-owned properties in each autonomous community or province of Spain.

How much less expensive is a bank-owned property?

The uncertainty in the real estate market for buying/selling and renting, generated by the economic crisis derived from the pandemic and restrictions on activity, makes it difficult to predict how prices will evolve over this year and the next.

How to buy foreclosed homes or properties

  • When looking to buy a foreclosed home, we recommend searching the internet or visiting the Haya website.
  • We always recommend checking in what condition the home is in before going through with the purchase, take a look at the payment conditions and try to make an offer that isn't beyond your means.
  • If you have any questions, you can consult with our experts.

Where I can I buy foreclosed homes?

Unlike properties sold by individuals or by other types of companies, flats that have been foreclosed on can be bought through different real estate servicers such as Haya, or at a public auction.

How do I buy a bank-owned property?

We recommend visiting the flat before signing anything, or taking a virtual tour of the property. In addition, you can now take advantage of the resources that Haya offers when buying the real estate assets it has for sale.

  • Check the property's history.
  • Always read the contract's fine print.
  • Check the stock of available properties on the market, in case you find a property owned by a bank for less money.
  • Check the financing terms that the bank can offer us.
  • Correctly calculate the taxes that you will have to pay for the sale of the property.

How can I buy or find a cheap property?

  • Do a search in which you can see and compare many different properties.
  • Set up automatic alerts to be informed of any variations in price.
  • Always filter by price.
  • Look in areas you're interested in and nearby areas, such as the outskirts of your city.

Who sells bank-owned properties?

If you're looking for a property owned by a bank, we recommend visiting the Haya website, where you'll find a wide variety of bank-owned flats located all throughout the national Spanish territory.

What happens if I buy a property with squatters?

The purchase of properties with squatters can become a double-edged sword because the price you pay is much lower than market price, but you won't be able to visit it before going through with the purchase and you will have to take over the open court proceedings to evict the squatters, or initiate the proceedings yourself directly.

How do I know if a property is owned by a bank?

To find out whether a property has been foreclosed on or not, and to find out who the current owner is, all you have to do is request a land registry report from the Land Registry. The land registry report is one of the best tools for checking what condition the property is in and who the current owner is.

What is a property without possession?

The sale of properties without possession consists of the pre-sale of a property that has already been taken by the bank, but where the seizure of property is still being resolved in the courts with the current owner.

What happens if I buy a foreclosed home?

Nothing will happen if you buy a foreclosed property, as it is a completely legitimate transaction, you just have to know what you're buying and take a few simple precautions. Of course, you should start by double checking that the embargo doesn't alter its value at all.

When are you given possession of the property?

In the sale of real estate, the most common thing to do is to agree to grant possession of the property in the act of granting the public deed, at which time the keys are handed over, which usually happens in the notary's office where the deed is signed.

What are bank-owned properties?

Bank-owned properties are homes that have been foreclosed on and are currently owned by the bank and are for sale. Haya has a very varied selection of these properties, where you can easily buy a home, flat, garage or any other type of property.

How can I find out who owns a property?

On the Land Registry's website, you can obtain a land registry report with information on the ownership and encumbrances of the properties registered in all the Land Registries in Spain.

What questions should I ask when going to buy a flat?

  • What is the square footage of the property?
  • In what condition are the installations in?
  • Is the property available?
  • Where is the property located?
  • Has the building passed the technical building inspection?
  • Is there any construction work planned in the building?
  • How much are the HOA fees?

What should you keep in mind when buying a home?

  • Set a maximum purchase price within your financial means.
  • Choose a number of essential requirements.
  • Draw out an area on the map.
  • Plan the search for your home.
  • Select the properties to visit and be rigorous.
  • Review the encumbrances and the technical building inspection of the property.
  • Take into account the HOA fees.

What are the hidden defects in a second-hand property?

A hidden defect is considered to be any defect that existed before the time of sale, that is of a certain degree of severity and that is not easily detectable by the buyer with the naked eye.