Quality politics

Quality politics

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HAYA REAL ESTATE, as a company dedicated to the Management and Commercialization of Real Estate Assets and Debt Management of Loans Promoters (management of the debt in performing and non performing situations) and Recovery Process (recovery and cancellation of guarantee, recovery, refinancing , sale), being aware that the future of the company depends on the quality of the service provided and the satisfaction of the needs of our customers, has a Quality Management System based on the requirements of the UNE-EN Standard -ISO 9001: 2015.

Under this framework, the Management, through its Quality Policy, assumes the following commitments:

▪ Attend to the suggestions and demands of our clients, measure their degree of satisfaction and improve the assessment that our clients make of the activities carried out.

▪ Go beyond compliance with all legal provisions that affect you in terms of quality, as well as the additional requirements assumed voluntarily.

▪ Achieve a continuous improvement of the activities carried out, analyzing the problems that may arise, setting in motion the necessary mechanisms for their resolution and, ultimately, maintaining an efficient Quality Management system.

▪ Involve all personnel in the identification and compliance with the requirements of the Quality Management System.

▪ Provide the necessary resources to continuously improve the processes, the organization and the system in general.

▪ Establish concrete and measurable quality objectives, based on the principles of this policy, and follow up and periodically redefine them as a continuous improvement system.

This Quality Policy is known and assumed by all personnel, and is also available to the public for consultation. It will also be reviewed, and if necessary, updated periodically through a process of continuous improvement.